Laryngoscopy is an exam that lets Dr. Harriman see the back of your throat, your voice box (larynx), and vocal cords using a tool called a Laryngoscope.

A Laryngoscopy will be performed for the following reasons:

  • to find the cause of voice problems, such as breathy, hoarse, weak or no voice
  • to find the cause of pain in your throat or ear
  • to find the cause for problems such as difficulty in swallowing, a lump in the throat feeling, or bloody mucus
  • to check injuries to the throat
  • to check for breathing difficulties such as narrowing of the throat or blockages in the airway

Direct Laryngoscopy

Direct laryngoscopy lets us see deeper into your throat with a fiber-optic scope. There are rigid scopes, which are often used in surgery to remove foreign objects, perform biopsies, remove polyps or perform laser treatments. It may also be used to help find cancer of the voice box. Rigid scopes are used under general anesthesia. This may be done to allow better visualization or to perform a biopsy of the site. 

In the office, we use a fiber-optic scope, which is thin and flexible and enables direct access to your throat. Dr. Harriman will put tiny scope through your nose and this allows excellent  visualization  down your throat.

Please let Dr. Harriman know if you:

  • are allergic to any medicines, including anesthetics
  • are taking any medications or herbal supplements 
  • have bleeding problems or take any blood-thinning medicine
  • have a history of heart problems
  • are pregnant or might be pregnant
  • have had surgery or radiation treatments to your mouth or throat